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Word package for laptop

word package for laptop

OpenOffice and Libreoffice are free alternatives to Microsoft office and both would do what you need in my opinion.
This product is free and comes with word, excel, powerpoint and database programs battle for middle earth 2 resolution widescreen windows 7 or you can try the most known program: OpenOffice.Edited 5/6/2011 3:52:11 PM digitaldog, grove, OK 68, joined Dec.Unless the computer came with Microsoft Office suite, it's probably not installed.Then " all programs ".2010," from kaddo: i have a new hp computer and windows 7 and i cannot find word or whatever that.Digitaldog, grove, OK 68, joined Dec.So much for tryin to help.Larryt35, troutdale, OR 41, joined May.Try them out if you like." Microsoft works task launcher." you should find it in there and you must set up an individual start up icon if all you want to use is just ' word ' and not have to load everything.2007 i have a new hp computer and windows 7 and i cannot find word or whatever that.Google them and you can download it as well for free.But anywho, click on start of the Windows button on bottom left, then click "All Programs" and then click on "Microsoft Office".You can try try LibreOffice.There are free programs available that are comparable and compatible with Office products.