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Roland sh 201 patches

roland sh 201 patches

Roland continue their current trend of appointing new synths with names that hark back to a 'golden age' of synthesis with the straight talk refill number generator SH201.
The SH201's arpeggiator seems quite simple: each Preset has an associated arpeggio stored with it, but the arpeggio can be replaced with any of 32 preset patterns offering a selection of motifs and phrases, selectable from the front panel.
Octave range, overall velocity response, note value grid and note-duration percentage can then be applied to the arpeggio globally.Interestingly, if any oscillators are using 'Ext In' instead of a normal waveform, the external audio still passes, in stereo, through its dedicated filter until you play a note on the keyboard.Numerous applications for the audio filter come to mind: for example, the output from a Groovebox could be used as the external audio source.The bright, almost toy-like appearance of the main panel is clearly deliberate the SH201 makes as good an educational tool for the novice as it does a serious synth.Memory - Preset : 32, User:.Curiously, the Editor did not support the recording and automation of its GUI elements within Sonar (my DAW of choice) in my tests during the review period (see the ' Sonar The SH201' box.One issue that caused some concern was run cmd as administrator xp why the SH201's audio wasn't audible from within.Polyphony - Up to 10 voices.Patches List : 01 Acoustic Piano 02 Grand Piano 03 Soft Piano 04 Grand Unison 05 Grand Concert 06 Piano Steel 07 Hard Vintage 08 Modern Back 09 Journey Piano 10 Ragtime Piano 11Piano Piano 12 OrchPiano 13 Piano Strings 14 Piano Back 15 Rock.The SH201 provides 32 preset patches and 32 user-programmable patches, each type laid out in four banks of eight.Keyboard - 49 keys (velocity sensitive).Thirdly, the SH201 will suit to the experienced user in a computer-based studio, who requires detailed control over synthesis parameters, these being easily accessible via the SH201 Editor software.Alternatively, the keyboard can be played in Dual or Split mode.Roland support assured us that the VSTi aspect of the SH201 works fine.The SH201 Editor main screen closely reflects the controls found on the front panel of the hardware e SH201 features many more parameters than those visible on the front panel.In common with the SH201's other controls, any movements of the external audio filter's cutoff and resonance knobs are recordable as midi controller data, and reproduced on playback.Destination 2 addresses Osc 2 pitch, Osc 2 pulse width and the amplifier.Each Destination has independent depth controls, and the LFO rates can be set manually or sync'd to the host DAW tempo (via USB or midi).With the SH201, Roland are clearly negotiating a balance between innovation and ease of use, and the synth appeals on three principal levels.Moving on to the modifiers, an AD pitch envelope is available to modulate the pitches of oscillators 1 and/or.