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Q: Im getting error 22001!This folder is hidden by default so make sure you got "view hidden files and folders" enabled on the view tab from the good old windows file explorer.Earlier : The Street Fighter 5 beta on PlayStation 4 has just received a hefty update.Download: Street..
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Private folder macintosh hd

private folder macintosh hd

Or, heck, read a review or two on Cult of pizap photo editor application Mac.
The "Macintosh HD" shortcut will now appear on the sidebar in finder.
4: Make the file/folder hidden.
Go to the View menu and photoshop hotkey flip horizontal choose Show View Options, or hit Command-J on your keyboard.Again in Terminal, type mv filename.filename.Spotify can have a bigger user cache file, as can some gaming apps.It shouldnt affect Autosave or Resume if youre running OS Lion or later, and it could potentially ebook walk to remember save you gigabytes of hard drive space.To delete them all, simply type or paste the following: sudo rm -rf Voices this will dump every single text-to-speech voice on your system, so dont do it if you want to keep one or more voices.Open hidden folders from the finder.Be careful not to remove anything you think you might need, of course.Im typing on a Macbook Air right now, and making sure I dont clutter up the drive with unnecessary files is important.When I checked my Steam Application Support folder, I found about 30 Gb of data in there, much of which is from games I dont actually play anymore, like Civilization, or Sanctum.View, select, show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click,.There are plenty of good reasons you might want to hide some of your files or folders.Assuming your /Library folder is hidden (thats the default in Oountain Lion hold down the Option key as you open the Finders Go menu.Macs with a non-SSD in them take a little bit of time to save the SleepSave image to their hard drives, but the SSD Macs take no time at all.Via: Oaily, delete System Logs And QuickLook Cache Files.Be sure to Calculate All Sizes in the View menu when viewing the Steam folder here, and sort by Size.Each of the commands above will require you to enter your administrator password.
Maybe you carry around a laptop and you just want to be extra safe.
May 03, '01 08:58:30AM Contributed by: robg, if you'd like to occasionally access the hidden unix folders from the Finder, it's actually quite simple.