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Premiere pro cs6 trial limitations

premiere pro cs6 trial limitations

By andy prada on May 2, 2010 at 10:08:18 pm I've worked on both FCP and fussball manager 2005 patch 1.1 Premiere for many years now.
So why then would they not allow us to place clips on the timeline, and just render the media encoder useless so that in the trial exporting would not be least then we could see if our machines could benefit from the new software.
There is much to like about Final Cut, but it's almost a crime to criticise anything about FCP.However, my bubble was burst when i found through d'ling the trial that i could in fact not use the very features that adobe has bragged/advertised soooo much about.Continued improvements since launch have seen Adobe Premiere Pros ease of use continue to grow.I dont think anyone can dig deep enough into a Creative Cloud suite in 7 days to really make an informed decision about the tools offered but I guess at this stage in Adobes life everyone knows enough about these tools they dont really have.I actually think Premiere is a better editor's tool than FCP and prefer.Creative Cloud (CC) which means it is only available on a monthly subscription basis rather than a one-off license.Third, when you think about the sheer scope of the range of Creative Cloud tools its hard to image that anyone using the trial to truly evaluate the tools could get any real evaluation done in 7 days.Most do restrict the use of certain formats, and most of these restrictions are put in place by the people licensing those formats.By Tom Daigon on May 2, 2010 at 3:31:28 am Eric Addison: As an editor for 30 years of such platforms as Avid DS, Media Composer and lately on FCP, I really appreciate you sharing your experience with CS5 and clarifying many things.I just hope that CS5 will sort the stability issues that have plagued CS4.By eric monroe on May 3, 2010 at 2:56:05 am Peter Corbett ".Second, the people that will suffer most from this drastic trial time reduction are those that utilize the trial in an emergency when they either cant license an install or they desperately need one more Adobe workstation without the time to get approval to buy another.But if you want to play with the big boys you have to have big boy's boots and CS5 will need to have boots and then some if it wants to crack the real PRO market.While I personally know a lot of users of Premiere Pro and After Effects they are dwarfed by the users of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.I can't say how things used to be with Adobe, but I can say that things seemed to have changed quite bit since then.It is pretty short sighted from a business perspective to not let Adobe pt it out there to show it off.I currently have my own iCore 950 W764bit Premiere setup using BCC6, Graffiti etc (Uncompressed and HDV)and work out-house for clients using their own FCPs - (DV, HDV,HD etc) In my experience all Premiere versions are buggy and unstable compared to equivalent FCPs.The downside was less stability and more time-shifting of my work patterns into the evening to accommodate freezes and long render times (not a problem when you work 3 seconds from home).