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Powerpoint 2010 hide background graphics

powerpoint 2010 hide background graphics

CtrlV Paste cut or copied object or text.
View Color/Grayscale Black and White Alt, W, C office 2013 crackeado pt br Color - do jogo resident evil 4 para pc iso View this presentation in full color.
Home Font Alt, H, F, G Increase Font Size - Increase the font size.
ShiftLeft-Arrow Select one character to the left.CtrlShift, Decrease the font size of the selected text.CtrlEnter In Microsoft Office PowerPoint, move to the next title or body text placeholder.The amount of time you spend on each slide is recorded and you can save those timings to run the show automatically in the future.Bar, Pie, Line, Area, and Surface are some of the available types.Thats great if you dont want the globe to appear anywhere in the template, but the original problem was we wanted the globe animation to appear only on select slides, not get rid of it completely.Home Paragraph Justify Alt, H, A, L Align Left - Align text to the left.The animated PowerPoint Template used in this tutorial.Insert Images Photo Album New Photo Album Alt, N, A, E Edit Photo Album - Insert Images Photo Album Edit Photo Album Alt, N, C Chart - Insert a chart to illustrate and compare data.Cut the animation from the Slide Master and then Paste it into the individual layouts where you want it to appear.Insert Media Video Clip Art Video Alt, N, V, F Video from File - Insert a video clip into the slide.Animations can start after a mouse click, at the same time as the previous animation, or after the previous animation finishes.Home Drawing Quick Styles Alt, H, T, A Add Section - Add a new section to your presentation.The background graphics disappear from each slide in the presentation immediately.This tutorial applies to PowerPoint 2010, 2008(mac) and 2007.Design Themes Colors Create New Theme Colors Alt, G, T, C, R Reset Slide Theme Colors.Home Drawing Shape Effects Alt, H, S, F Shape Fill - Home Drawing Shape Fill Alt, H, S, H Shapes - Insert ready-made shapes, such as rectangles and circles, arrows, lines, flowchart symbols, and callouts.Any element you place on a layout slide, will only appear in your presentation when you choose that layout. .
PowerPoint 2016 for Windows and PowerPoint for Mac 2016 follow this same process to suppress background graphics.