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Php implode associative array keys

php implode associative array keys

How would you go about this?
Function implode_with_key(assoc, inglue ' outglue return foreach (assoc as tk tv) return.I've modified Chirs' function to be recursive.Result mysql_query(sql) or die(mysql_error?Passing by reference would speed up any of these functions by avoiding the copy necessary for "by value.For example: array ( 5, array (2, 4, 6 array (3, 6, 9, array (12) would be reduced to: 5, 2, 4, 6, 3, 6, 9, 12 Note that this does not preserve key values.) Perhaps you meant to say that the array can be altered inside the function because it is passed "by value" rather than "by reference or is that just a mixture of terminology from my C upbringing?PHP: implode does not work as expected for "t" tab key?'i / or whatever type nums_list implode qs sqlquery "Select name, email,phone from usertable where user_id IN (nums_list stmt dbh- stmt_init stmt- prepare(sqlquery / later on, instead of bind: parms_array array_merge(array(p_types id_nums parms_array / sqlquery becomes "Select name, email,phone from usertable where user_id IN (?,?,?,?,??The array_key_exists function checks an array for a specified key, and returns true if the key exists and false if the key does not exist.Example:?php assoc_array array a" "foo "b" "bar "c" "foobar echo?elseif ( i size - 1) str.hayley And adding one more case to drewish at katherinehouse dot com's code to deal with the two-element case "a and b?php case 2: return reset(array).' and '.end(array?Let me know what you think!?php function implode_by_key(glue, keyname, pieces) / create a new recursive iterator miller brewery christmas lights milwaukee 2012 to get array items it new RecursiveIteratorIterator(new arr array foreach(it AS element) if (it- key keyname) arr it- current return implode(glue, arr / here is an example array array(.KlÃba in case of value item0 but is set is necessary use function isset function outputarray foreach(array as key item) if(!skip_empty isset(item)em; return implode(outer_glue, output cedric Implode with an unset array will made a warning and fail, but is ok with an empty array.
PHP arrays are quite useful when used in conjunction with loops, which we will talk about in a later lesson.