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Mini portable travel herbal vaporizer reviews

mini portable travel herbal vaporizer reviews

The Cosmos kit comes with 4 mesh shells that can be loaded with dry herbs prior to usage, making it ideal for travel.
So for me, the best vapor quality means the best taste, the best temperature, and the best density or production.
A unit from Sutra Vapes that is compatible for both Dry Herbs and wax.The result of long hours of research and meticulous development has yielded the Exxus Go and Exxus Mini, two powerful vaporizers that are compact and can be carried around.The only downside to the Firefly 2 would be the unit does require some technique for best use.The only thing I dont really like about it is the battery life but it does use micro USB so you can charge it pretty much anywhere you have access to a USB slot.It will then stay at the 370 temp for the remainder of the session.Quick fix digimon gba game pack for this, you can just leave the unit on, and pull out the battery.I have noticed that the IQ tastes much better at higher temps than all other conduction vaporizers and I get bigger clouds with the IQ as well.The Air is an inexpensive, high quality, not so portable, portable vaporizer.Its a pen vaporizer that offers pure convection heating powerful enough to have you vaping your dry herb in under 10 seconds.Similar to their past models, Sutra wanted to ensure that the new Sutra Mini had all the features you would expect in a premium top of the line portable vaporizer.The Sticky Brick Junior (JR) is very similar to the OG but smaller, more compact, and a little harder to master because it uses a smaller mouthpiece.Sutra Mini can cater.2-0.3 grams of wax with ease.I definitely recommend this if you are going to pick up the Crafty.I feel like Boundless is here to stay.Its not the best for group sessions because of the external temps but perfect for 1-2 people.Same design, same features and even performance, the only difference is the logos of each brand.Consistent vapor production Easy to use Temperature control Long-lasting battery Exxus Mini Explained in Details: Price - Exxus Mini vape sells for 124, which is a very reasonable price compared to most other vaporizers - especially considering how compact.The Haze has four different temp selections but I mainly stick to the first three temps when using the Haze V3 as a portable dry herb vaporizer.The ePuffer Cosmos Professional Tobacco Vaporizer is a choice vaporizer for people who value quality, style and practicality.When the battery has drained, you can recharge it using the micro USB port.
The vapor quality is fantastic and it works very well with varying load sizes.