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Focusrite saffire pro 40 mac os x lion

focusrite saffire pro 40 mac os x lion

Essential Equipment, computer (laptop recommended) to drive the sounds, software to generate the sounds, mIDI cables (Either straight midi or midi-to-USB) to send digital info for your keyboard to your computer.
All Saffire FireWire and Thunderbolt-compatible interfaces now come bundled with Focusrite's Midnight plug-in suite for free upon registration.I found the audio inserts to be a very welcome addition to this interface and made patching in my Kaoss Pad and outboard EQ very simple and easy. The flexibility and expandability heart of tibet game of the EIE Pro are definitely its strong points, making it a worthy addition to any budget-conscious project studio.The top-notch sound quality of its converters and preamps, exceptional drivers, and robust construction make it a pleasure to work with as long as you can reconcile yourself with the relatively high price tag.The goal is to have a flexible rig that can handle any keyboard situation, from pop-rock pianos and rock organs to layered pads and aggressive leads.Akai EIE Pro, price: 799 msrp, available here for 716, included: Sound Card, Breakout Cable Extension Cable, Carrying Bag, USB Cable.Quite to the contrary, Alva has produced the Nanoface with RMEs blessing after working closely with the German company to develop the breakout cables and other accessories for the RME Babyface.The Duet 2 also includes the novel feature of assignable touchpads located directly below the monitor encoder, enabling you to assign a function such as output mute, dim, or sum to mono from the Maestro control the testament john grisham pdf panel.Getting setup on the software side requires a driver download from the Alva website and a reboot for both Mac and PC configurations.The Texas Instruments microphone pre-amplifiers performed quite well, requiring only about half ab guide music theory pdf of the available gain on the stepped input knobs to capture decently lively recordings of guitar, piano, and vocal tracks.Recording Resolution: Up to 24 bit, 192khz, first is the RME Babyface, a card that sports both a comprehensive feature set and a relatively high price tag.Digital connections include 2x midi outputs, 1 x midi input, and 2x S/pdif in and 2x S/pdif out (phono and optical jacks).These features have far less relevance for electronic musicians generating all their sounds in the computer.The Midnight plug-in suite models two of the most iconic Focusrite modules of all time - the ISA110 equaliser and ISA130 compressor - and gives them elegant, functional on-screen front panels for easy control.Admittedly Ive had little need for the bulk of its features, aimed at live sound and conventional studio engineers who must manage the monitoring of multiple musicians.x/QX8sdDde9JMl/ /x/QX8sdDde0WRn these types of sounds arent typically possible in your standard stage piano keyboard setup, due to the aforementioned lack of quality patches.
If youd like a simple and affordable two-channel interface and monitor controller with a few extras, the Propellerheads Balance or the Alva Nanoface are both excellent options.
For 289 the Alva Nanoface is a solid choice for a hobbyist/consumer level sound card, but I wouldnt say that it should be considered in lieu of an RME Babyface ( unless youre ok with the compromised features mentioned above ).