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Easy reject serial number

easy reject serial number

Usually there is no more than 46 instruments (sequence numbers) per batch.
These tuners are often called "No Line, Single Ring".
Neck Shape (Spanish models).
Prefix Year Gibson serial number with "00" prefix.Most times, the serial number is applied as one of the last steps (especially on pre-1961 hollow body instruments) when the instrument is nearly finished.1946 n/a Banner' logo no longer used, now script logo with no banner).Many people ask, "How can I tell the difference between a serial number and a factory order number?".The medium grade case was dropped entirely and the new high grade case was black on the outside, and yellow on the inside.If there is a 6 digit ink stamped number, there is no embedded space as the serial number has exceeded 9999 and now occupies the place where the space existed in numbers 9999 and lower.There were also some early 1980's brown reissue cases (mostly for Les Pauls and Korina reissues) that are starker versions of the Canadian reissue case.Some other special order custom colors were available.White oval label with number preceded by "A- spring 1947 to January 1955.This is because they are early examples in the evolution of the electric guitar.This wooden case has a rich brown outside (like a tanned California girl and a very plush and rich pink inside.Then with the advent of sprayed lacquer, after the binding was scraped, a clear top coat were applied over the entire instrument (including the scraped binding.) During the early 1920s, Gibson also used a oil/spirit combination finish on higher end instruments.This following information applies to all Gibson instruments including guitars, mandolins, lapsteels, basses and others.Factory Order Numbers with 3 or 4 digits, followed by a hyphen, followed by 1 or 2 more digits, ink stamped on neck block (flattops) pod to pc 3.243 full version or on the inside back, : Factory Order Numbers of 3 or 4 digits, followed by a hyphen, followed.These tuners are often called "Single Line, Single Ring, Pat Appld".Year Factory Order Number G (letter code sometimes seen after FON,.e.L-C, H-G Century flat tops, hG-20, HG-22, HG-24 flat top, jumbo flat top.
Post-war Gison electric archtops with cutaways from the 1950's are considered to be excellent and collectible.
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