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Blood alcohol content calculator uk

blood alcohol content calculator uk

It is usually described as the amount of alcohol in mg per 100ml of blood.
Being high in sugar means alcohol can contain lots of calories - seven calories a gram in fact.
Unit guidelines are the same for men and women and both are advised not to regularly drink more than 14 units per week.The speed at which a person consumes alcohol: the faster a person drinks, the faster their BAC will rise.Medication and the amount of food in the stomach: this can have an effect on the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the body and subsequently eliminated.Cant find your drink?While the calculator takes into account age, gender, weight, drink amount, alcohol percentage and the period of time over which any alcohol has been consumed, it is based on the consumption of alcohol by an average healthy human being.The Alcohawk Series are affordable screening devices that allow the user to test for the presence of alcohol at threshold blood alcohol levels, such.02 no tolerance testing or other popular levels such.08.Legal drink driving limit IN england wales,.Online since 1999, RUPissed?Get ready for the ultimate drinking and travel experience!Intoxication levels can rise as well as fall for some time after your last drink.If in doubt, use common sense and do not drive.Over Time Period (hours) 123456, gender, femaleMale, dO NOT use this information to decide whether you windows 7 home premium x64 sp1 digitalriver are safe to drive!
Org BAC calculator is based on the widmark method of calculating blood alcohol content.