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Best dps witch doctor build 2.0

best dps witch doctor build 2.0

Blizzplanet, accessed on 2014.
The following stats are specific to a Witch Doctor: Max Mana Increases your maximum amount of Mana.Weapon Damage Intellect Crit Chance Crit Damage Attack Speed Resists Armor Intellect Vitality Weapon Damage Increases the damage dealt by server 2008 r2 sp2 iso skills.Resentful Spirits, so adjust elemental damage rolls to Poison if you plan on using.Because of that, speeding up the damage dealt by using a helm is critical for the build.Unlike most of the other classes their main resource, increases in maximum capacity at every character level, gradually increasing their ability to unleash a lot of damage at enemies in a quick initial burst before falling back and letting their pets finish the job.Piranhado to clump your enemies and apply the debuff, amplifying the damage of the skills to follow.Patch.4 marks the return of Raiment of the Jade Harvester as one of the top tier Witch Doctor converter to pdf file playstyles.In the stats, look for high damage range, Intelligence, Vitality, Crit Chance, and increased Haunt.Alternatively, you can cube a mojo to get a free Pestilence rune, allowing you to run the Toughness-oriented Cloud of Insects rune on your bar.Intellect Multiplies all Witch Doctor damage.Pets are a good way to keep engaging enemies without the cost of using.The will occupy your second ring slot; this legendary jewelry piece dramatically increases your damage against enemies affected by both and, matching the natural rotation of the build.The build described below is a result of the tactic I've just explained.Trifecta tal ammy 9cc, 8ias, 15k (ridiculous price in tens of billions).Note that stacking Armor benefits you because of the balancing of sources of mitigation, as All Resistance is already abundant on an Intelligence-based character.Pestilence for free by equipping or cubing the mojo, an pick up the, cloud of Insects rune for the 25 Damage Reduction.This stuff is unplayable at higher.Although some Witch Doctors avoid melee combat in favor of augmenting their pets and crippling their enemies from afar, pdf to word converter software for full version they are also more than capable of slaying weakened foes with their own hands.The pivotal passive of the Jade build is, which extends the duration of, and the damage amplification of from several seconds to an hour.Developing the Witch Doctor's large mask was a turning point in its development, and remained an iconic component of the character design.References, Witch Doctor Lore, Blizzard Entertainment.