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Backup process flow in netbackup

backup process flow in netbackup

Unlike legacy logging, you do not need to create logging subdirectories.
Uses Accelerator technology to create a traditional full NetBackup image.In the case of a tape backup, bptm reserves the drives and issues a mount request to the (14) logical medium season 3 episode 22 tape interface daemon ( ltid ).Bpbrm checks with bpcd on client (proxy host) for last backup.terminate Stopped By: /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbrb Started immediate when NetBackup starts.If using a third-party storage server that has been validated for use with Accelerator, verify device mappings are up-to-date.The job is now seen as "Active" in the Activity Monitor.Write_vm_files_extents_accl writes a tar stream to bptm using the extents formed during fiml_set_fvv_table.terminate Started is /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbpem command on unix and or NetBackup StoppedBy: backed whenstopping thestarts.Programssuch as FTP, POP3, and telnet.Xml file to identify the state file from the previous backup.The storage unit must support optimized synthetics, limiting the storage unit options to msdp, pddo, and certain 3rd-party OST devices.To start the run.12:16: 15988 4 bpbkar main: JBD - accelerator sent bytes out of bytes to server, optimization.3 13, set the Policy type to VMware.11, accelerator backup process flow: step 8, as the Accelerator backup continues.A state file that stores information about each extent of data on a virtual disk is obtained from the master server if it is not already available on the VM proxy host (backup host).The ltid service calls on the (15) robotic drive daemon ( t xx d, where xx varies based on the type of robot being used).
There are also additional ways-terminate stop daemons.